“Oh I’m in C# Phrygian so I can go WHADAHEBODELARADFRAGLBADAREHAR¬≠ and get away with it.”


So, at the risk of sounding generic…My name is Zack Miller and I’m 20 years old. As the page says I am an aspiring instrumental guitarist, attempting to pave my own way. It all started Christmas day 2007. My parents had gotten me a starter model electric guitar (Peavey Rockmaster). I had an acoustic before that but never played it. Once I got an electric in my hands, I just started playing and immediately took to it. I learned so fast that my teachers had a hard time keeping up. However as a person I needed to grow. Originally, I never wanted away from the punk rock style, Green Day and My Chemical Romance were all I played. Then, in 2008 my parents changed my life forever. You wouldn’t think a concert could have that much power over someone. October 29th, 2008 I saw Joe Satriani on the Professor Satchafunkilus tour. That was what opened the door. Suddenly at was at this crossroads at the age of 15. Did I want to try and be this punk rock guitarist strumming power chords all night, or did I want to reach for what was ACTUALLY there to strive for? I realized that I was trying to be someone I wasn’t from the Satriani concert. I never knew that you could do some of the things that man did on guitar. It seemed impossible but THAT was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be THAT good. From then my influences spread out like wildfire. I listened and learned to do everything from blues to country to funk. I even played in my high school jazz band. Now I’m taking on the uphill challenge of making an instrumental rock record in today’s music climate.


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